Launch of Vern Shears in India

Vern Intelligent Combined Scissors, 5 shears create infinite creations

Vern Shears Cutting System - Power Tools for HairStylists.

World's Most Popular Professional tool, now in India.

According to clients' hair volume and desired hairstyle, hairstylists can combine with Vern Intelligent Combined Scissors freely. Through different sizes of Vern shears, the result would be very appealing because of its texture and versatility.
Complete cutting and texturizing in one single action simultaneously.

Create exquisite effects simply with no tool marks

Special teeth creates defined young style look.

We know hairstylists' fingers are sensitive after managing hair for years. It's easy for hairstylists to tell if the scissors is creative or not once they hold the scissors. Hence, Vern believes only when the scissors with multi-function and ideal appearance can arouse hairstylists' inspiration.

Vern Intelligent Combined Scissors are made of Hitachi forged steel, treated with high temperature under high pressure to strengthen solidness. Following the strict quality control, which are more than ten procedures conducted all by experienced masters, all the defective products will be eliminated ; only top scissors will be selected. Lastly, each scissors will be tested practically by professional hairstylists before finally leaving the factory. This is how Vern persists in quality to perfection.

VERN SHEARS CUTTING SYSTEM will forever change the way hair is cut. Eight shears with the ability to interlock allow you to work faster and smarter .. and look cooler!!

VERN Shears Cutting System reinvents the way hair is cut. NOW you can cut, thin and texturize at the same time! The professionally engineered set of interlocking scissors in the palm of your hand gives you the ultimate hair cutting power tools.

Vern Professional shears is brought to you in India by Zeus Worldwide Trading.