Amazon Keratin Products
From the house of Amazon
Amazon Keratin™ is a globally acclaimed brand of hair care therapies. Amazon Keratin™ products have gained international recognition for their superior quality and outstanding company support.

The range includes Apple, Grape variants for a blissful aroma during the treatment and has outstanding results that have been quality checked on Indian hair in different region.

The Amazon Keratin range is suitable to repair the hair from all types of damages and eliminate frizz completely , the post care products are available in passion fruit and other fragrances for a refreshed rejuvenated hair all time.

Keratin hair masks (473 ml) are also available for soft smooth hair spas- the keratin way !
The Apple variants are formaldehyde free and are available in 946ml and 473ml economically priced which means that you are able to serve more clients per bottle.

The Grape variants have an exotic fragrance with exclusive results for a straighter look and are also available in 946 ml and 473 ml .

Zeus Worldwide now launches a range of smoothening variants from Amazon Keratin for a straight smooth sleek look of the hair, on popular demand from salon professionals Zeus Worldwide which is popularly known for their existing range of Keratin treatments have again introduced economically priced bottles with every product having a MSDS ( Material Safety Data Sheet) in hand.

Beware of duplication and look out for the original logo of Amazon Keratin.