Testimonials for Amazon Keratin:


Amazing Product Amazon Keratin !!, I have previously also used Keratin in my salon, But I am very happy after introducing Amazon Keratin, the hair appears healthy, shiny and without frizz. It is fabulous, I recommended it 100%.

Mr. Irshad, Toni & Guy, New Delhi

I had the opportunity to buy the Amazon Keratin products.My first experience with Keratin Treatments was amazinnnngngaftengng. After buy this product after first application on my hair.

My hair was damaged due to the hair dryer and other chemical treatments and it recovered completely after my first application of Amazon Keratin. My hair is a lot healthier,Smooth, easier to style and without frizz.

Mrs. Heena, Looks Unisex Salon ,New Delhi

I started Amazon Keratin recently and the response has been amazing, I follow up with my clients and they tell me their hair is still amazing.
As a Hair Professional, Amazon Keratin gives the results I expect on any type of hair without being harmful to the person applying the product.

Mr. Saleem ,Affinity Salon, New Delhi

I normally make use of different brands of Damaging hair Treatment
My experience with Amazon Keratin (BTX) is very positive, My one special client hair was in a bad state which means that it did not have any more radiance left, it was damaged and without life but after Applying Amazon Keratin (BTX) , the hair is completely reformed.

The amount of products that normally need to be used in the hair to keep the hair protected and styled is not necessary at all. After washing the hair with Amazon Passion fruit Shampoo, Conditioner the hair did not go back into its old position. The hair remained soft, straight and shiny and this all without hair loss.

So I must say that the use of Amazon Keratin(BTX) is much better that the use of other hair treatments.

Mr.Vijoy, Cut N Style, New Delhi I was so amazed by this professional treatment and I have been a regular client of Amazon Keratin.

Ms. Anita, Marvelous Unisex salon, New Delhi