Amazon Keratin Treatment
Botox Treatment with Collagen – Designed for all type of hair.
A Quantum Leap Over Traditional Keratin Treatments. BTX SMOOTHING is a revolutionary product in the line of hair straightening technologies. Its formula contains a proprietary combination of keratin, wheat protein, aloe Vera and collagen processed in a unique way to favor the infusion of amino acids deeply into the hair cortex.

BTX SMOOTHING delivers spectacular results repairing hair and reversing damage from over-treating or environmental factors. This product contains supplements to nurture damaged cortices, reconstruct shaft cuticles and bring lifeless hair back to health and strength.

• Extreme repair to all types of hair.
• Smooth, healthy and shinny hair.
• Effective protection against environmental factors.

Maximum hair straightening – Ideal for very curly hair.

GRAPE KERATIN TREATMENT was created to offer stylists a tool for maximum straightening. It works in all kinds of hair, but is particularly effective in very curly hair and to repair hair with substantial damage after chemical treatment or because of environmental factors.

• 95 % frizz free hair.
• Effective straightening for up to 6 months.
• Intensive hair repair to bring back health and luster.